KGS monitors natural gas source in village Torinë

Prishtina, 13.11 - “Kosovo Geological Service has been informed and has monitored the natural gas source, in order to obtain information and provide a professional study on the area. In cooperation with ICMM officials, it has visited to scene and identified the phenomenon of this source of water outlet under pressure,” said Fidaim Sahiti, Chief Executive Officer of the Kosovo Geologic Service (KGS), during the two-day workshop on the topic “Presence and Perspective of Natural Gas Explorations in Torinë Location of Lipjan Municipality".

On this occasion, KGS and INKOS presented the monitoring and professional analysis of the phenomenon of natural gas presence in village Torinë. Meanwhile, it was presented that the first presence of natural gas in Torinë was noted in. The primary purpose of the opening of this well by a local resident was to find underground waters for household use.Sahiti said on the occasion that it was noted during the gas leak that during after the initial opening of the well, pressure in the water outflow slightly decreased and the static level of underground waters in this well now results to stand at 2.37 from ground level, adding that gas leaks from this perforation continue at a much lower pressure than last year.

According to him, the second case of natural gas presence in village Torinë of Lipjan municipality dates to 28.10, in a well 82m deep, with perforation diameter 166mm, which resulted in a natural water outlet of very high pressure. Water releases at very high pressure are a result and consequence of natural gas release in this area, which is home to great lithological pressure.

Additionally, Sahiti informed that during the monitoring of gas leaks by KGS it was found that with time passing the pressure of gas leaks has severely diminished and currently the static level of underground waters is presented at 17.55m from the ground level.

KGS also monitored gas leaks and found that in random occasions there are interferences in gas supply and sometimes rather low levels thereof.

In the meeting it was emphasized that geological explorations conducted in the past by INKOS Institute, with the aim of exploring coal presences in Kosovo’s coal basin, revealed gas leaks, which were in small proportions and have not shown potential for further exploitation for economic purposes.

It was concluded after the presentations that the natural gas originates from the presence of coal layers in the vicinity and gas presences belong to peripheral sections in the Southeastern section of the coal basin of Kosovo.

According to experts of the field presence in the meeting, village Torinë is home to two wells of natural gas with high methane contents, which in a way open way to the perspective of more detailed explorations in this sphere. Also, it was said that larger potentials of natural gas reserves should not be expected, based on the geological layout in which the Kosovo coal basin is located.