The agreement to unblock the Telecom accounts has been reached


Prishtina, 16.11.2020 - Telecom of Kosovo, with the facilitation of the Ministry of Economy and Environment, has managed to unblock bank accounts, with an agreement with the operator "".


With this agreement, the debt confirmed by the justice authorities will be paid to the private operator in a period of several years, and there will be no more blocking of accounts by private enforcement agents.


The account unblocking agreement will be followed by a Memorandum of Understanding for Conditional Subsidy for Investments in vital operations between the Government of Kosovo and Telecom.


This agreement, prepared by the Ministry of Economy and Environment and signed by Minister, Blerim Kuçi, together with the Telecom Board, will make permanent solutions of this enterprise and not a solution only for a few months.


With this memorandum of understanding, Telecom has undertaken obligations to invest in their technology, starting with the full implementation of the state code +383. Also, in the commitments of the Telecom Board, this enterprise will work to cut costs.


It should be announced that Telecom of Kosovo will return these subsidy funds in the account of the Government of Kosovo.